The first time I heard about ambassadors was when I did a research project on Julia Child and learned about her work as an ambassador. She got to travel and represent the United States of America. Cool job, right? Since then I have heard that term on numerous occasions.

Last week, I heard it twice, used in two different ways.

The first time I heard it was after my observation by my University liaison. She talked about how we are ambassadors for the university, and it makes her very pleased when we do well. Now, if you go to UWEC you hear about being an ambassador for the school and education program all the time. It was refreshing to hear “thank you for being a great ambassador” instead of “you need to be a great ambassador”.

The second time I heard about being an ambassador this week, I knew God was driving the point home for me. 

I’ve mentioned before on here that I follow an online devotional called #SheReadsTruth. Right now we’re working through a Fresh Start study that is wowing me daily

On one particular day we were reading 2 Corinthians 5:11-21. This passage is titled “We are God’s Ambassadors”. (if you haven’t read it, please click the link to my favorite translation)

When you love something, you want everyone to know about it. When a girl finds a really cute shirt, and gets complimented on it, the first thing she will probably say to you is, “thanks, it’s from _______!” We are a physical representation of the things we love and value. People see what kind of a person we are based on our actions and what comes out of our mouths.

If you love Jesus, are you showing others that?

Sometimes schools will kick a student out because they are not representing their institution well. They are giving it a bad name and reputation.

If we are God’s ambassadors, we have a huge responsibility to show others the kind of God He is. I don’t know if you knew this, but we worship a God that loves everyone. He doesn’t speak poorly of others. He doesn’t say someone is not worth His time. He never said that someone wasn’t cool enough to have dinner with Him. In fact, Jesus ate dinner with the outcasts of society-when was the last time you did that, or even reached out of your inner circle of friends? (I know I need to do that more often..)

When you love something you want others to know about it. You tweet about it, Instagram it, or post a Facebook status about it. Sometimes you even talk to another person face to face about it.

If you love Jesus, are you telling others about Him?

Why not?

He died for you-are you willing to live for Him?



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